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We Make Advertising Work For You

"Over the years, we tried every form of advertising
known to man. However, we only saw moderate
year-to-year growth, even with consistent advertising.
After two years with Sound Advice, we have enjoyed
a staggering 50% growth in annual sales!"

-Lewis Grider, Owner
Grider Furniture
Junction City

"Sound Advice has made the task of marketing
Bell's Suzuki to potential customers much easier
with their knowledge and expertise. If you're
looking for a top-notch local ad agency, I highly
recommend them."

-Cindy Bell, Owner
Bell's Suzuki/Honda/Kawasaki
Lexington & Georgetown

Would you like some help with:

  • Knowing what to say in your ads?
  • Creating co-op ads that sell your business, not the manufacturer?
  • Getting more bang for your advertising buck?
  • Spending more time with customers and less with ad sales reps?
  • Calculating your ad budget?
  • Dealing with co-op issues and guidelines?
  • Identifying your target customer and how to persuade them?
  • Learning how and when to use each of the different ad media?
  • Understanding when to have a sale and how to promote it?

Sound Advice will help you achieve the advertising results you want so you can focus your time and energy elsewhere. We'll handle everything from designing your ad campaign to buying the media, all while keeping you involved in the process.

Effective advertising is not a science, it's more of an art. Media reps and most ad agencies will pummel you with numbers (science) such as ratings and demographics. What they don't realize is that true advertising success is fueled by the words (art) that construct your sales message. The only thing scientific about advertising is its psychology.

When your advertising fails, you're tempted to blame the radio or TV station for "reaching the wrong people." But, you'll be amazed how many people become "the right people" when you say "the right thing" consistently. Sound Advice will help you develop a core message for your advertising. Then we'll show you when, where and how to use it.

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