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The Secret Is Out:
Save Money and Time

What if you had an expert to handle all your advertising at no charge?

Unlike most Lexington advertising agencies which charge a monthly fee, Sound Advice Marketing is compensated directly from the radio and TV stations, outdoor billboard companies, cable systems and newspapers with which you advertise. There's never a charge for writing, developing and producing your media campaign.

"Just how does that work?"

We save you money by negotiating your lowest possible advertising rates. Then, we receive a 15% discount from that media outlet. For example, if you spend $1000 in advertising we bill you $1000, then pay the media outlet $850. With us, your $1000 gets you more advertising than if you buy it directly from them. Plus, you get the benefit of our expertise at no cost!

Please understand that our 15% discount comes off the back end, not the front. In other words, our discount is not for individual ad rates, but for the overall monthly invoice amount. However, we still negotiate lower individual rates than you can because of: a) our inside knowledge and b) buying power with multiple advertising clients.

"Come on, what's the catch?"

If the media outlet gives us a 15% discount, they make up the difference somewhere, right?

Here's how (and why) they do it. Since they have to pay both us and their salesperson, the sales rep's commission is considerably less when we're involved. Simply because we are the ones doing all the work. Plus, we generate revenue for their company without costing them anything in benefits such as health insurance, 401K, etc.

Naturally, advertising salespeople don’t want you to know this because they earn less money. But that's not the half of it. They also earn bonus incentives by charging you higher rates!

We save you time by looking out for your best interests, unlike advertising salespeople whose only concern is hitting their monthly quota. We’ll help you with everything from marketing strategy to message development. Then, we’ll create a customized ad campaign that delivers results for you using TV, radio, cable, internet, newspaper, billboards, or direct mail advertising.

As you can see, there are many reasons to use our services and nary a reason not to. If you're already in an advertising contract, no problem. Your current rates won’t increase if you let us handle your account. In fact, they'll probably decrease!

Isn't it time you maximized your advertising potential? If you would like a free, no-obligation consultation about your advertising, tell us how we can help you.

We look forward to helping your business grow beyond your expectations!




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